Hey there! My name is Ivan Novak. I like to think of myself as a maker and have a particular fascination with Quality.  I love automation, design, engineering, finance, organization, patterns, and value creation... basically just making things work.

My attention is currently focused as Principal Engineer over at OnlineMedEd where we're on a mission to help make better doctors. We're hiring!

I live in the oddly named suburb of Austin, Texas called Pflugerville with my wife Abbey and our four children (Shane, Harper, Moxie, and Owen), two dogs (Dale and Boone), cat (Chester), three fish (Zero and the Supremes), 8 shrimp, 3 snails, and a hermit crab named Bruce.

Brief History

I started tinkering with web development, photoshop, and deployment automation at my Technology Internship while studying Economics at Pepperdine University. In 2008 I started my own freelance consulting company, Novak Web Solutions. Through NWS, I had many opportunities to work with wonderful clients and partners of all shapes and sizes. Together we built some amazing things that have been seen and experienced by untold millions of people all over the world.

In 2014, I transitioned away from consulting and joined the team at Contemporary VA. There, I was presented with a familiar exposure to external clients while being afforded deep influence into the design and execution of their back-office systems and processes.

By 2018 it was time to focus on a single company and its offerings. The folks at OnlineMedEd extended an opportunity to have lasting impact on the growth of the organization through leveraging technology, sharing knowledge, and working with an amazing group of people.